‘Democracy under construction’ illustration series

April 24th, 2014

Magazine illustrations for a political essay

Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche illustrated a three page article 'Democracy under construction for political opinion magazine Elsevier Juist.


‘Democracy under construction.’ Sequence of editorial illustrations by for an Elsevier Juist political essay, printed over three pages. Out today!


New mobile icons for KLM airlines are a lot more liberal

April 16th, 2014

Amsterdam designer Leon Mussche has made new icons for KLM safety cards mobile devices


























Times change and so do the mobile devices we bring on board of our plane. I was commissioned to design a new set of icons for the KLM safety on board card, which is in use as of now! As you can see they are a lot more liberal, and there are no red crosses this time. Switching off your device is now no longer obligatory, switching to airplane mode or disabling wifi is sufficient these days.

While mobile devices look much more alike these days, I aimed to bring back the devices back to their essentials and incorporate subtle elements from different brands, so that everyone can immediately identify with them. Regardsless of which brand of smartphone, iPad, e-book reader, laptop or portable DVD-player they bring. Have a good flight.

Icon design by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Sylwia Strugala / KLM


‘Social Criticism’ illustrations for Elsevier Juist

April 8th, 2014

Editorial illustration for opinion magazine Elsevier Juist, accompanying the article ‘Populism was once social critisism’ by Syp Wynia, illustration by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Anne Lugthart.


'What populism is now, was once social critisism.' Illustration sequence by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche accompanying an article by Syp Wynia for Elsevier Juist magazine. Art-direction Anne Lugthart.






'Social Critisism' editorial illustrations by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche for Elsevier Juist magazine.

‘Social Critisism’ editorial illustrations by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche for Elsevier Juist magazine.


Illustration draft: democracy under construction now available as stock

April 1st, 2014

New illustration leftovers

leon mussche illustration illustrator amsterdam dutch democracy







Another one on voting and elections. These two half-page illustrations were made as drafts for an article on democracy for a Dutch opinion magazine. These drafts were rejected, after which an alternative concept was chosen that will be published next month. Because I believe leftovers should be put to good use when possible, I am making this as yet unpublished image, or images, exclusively available as stock illustration, at a much lower price of course. Contact me if you are interested. First come first served.


Don’t forget to vote!

March 19th, 2014

Local elections in the Netherlands today

(illustration commissioned by Elsevier Juist magazine in 2013)

illustration amsterdam illustrator leon mussche local election vote voting amsterdam


Colour your technology: Computable

February 4th, 2014

Infographics for computer technology magazine Computable


SAP, SOA, ERP, Wan or XBRL…. I know all the ins and outs! Computable, which was first published in 1968, is the Netherlands leading website and magazine on information technology for ICT industry professionals. It has some difficult words though, they even publish the Computable dictionary, for rookies like me. I have been contributing infographics visualising this fascinating world for many years and have learned a lot! Look out for new infographics accompanying Computable editor Rik Sanders articles every month. These are the latest three that were published.


infographics for computable internet technoly magazine by Leon Mussche

infographics for Computable internet technoly magazine by Leon Mussche, art-direction by Rik Sanders, Computable.


The birth of new illustrations around pregnancy

Illustration on cultural minorities

January 6th, 2014

Illustration for young political opinion magazine Elsevier Juist.’


'Cultural minorities' Illustration for young opinion magazine Elsevier Juist by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche

‘Cultural minorities’ Illustration for young opinion magazine Elsevier Juist by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche





I illustrated an essay on cultural minorities in the Netherlands for political opinion magazine elsevier Juist. The new issue is in stores now. (oh and the man in the red dress is Sinterklaas, not Santa Claus of course).



Tailor-made financial illustration

January 6th, 2014

Illustration for financial security provider Loyalis magazine ‘Loyaal’

Illustration 'Tailor-made' by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche for Loyalis magazine Loyaal



























Loyalis provides financial security and pension plans for employers of state-, education- and energy companies. Their new identity magazine ‘Loyaal’ has just come out and I was asked to make a fullpage illustration for an article on ‘tailor-made pension plans’ for teachers. Art-direction Hein van Putten for Scripta media.


Instructions for those who like it faster…

January 3rd, 2014

Infographics for NS-Hispeed Intercity Direct trains


Intercity Direct infographics for NS-Hispeed by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche

This month a new NS Hispeed train line between Amsterdam-Schiphol-Rotterdam and Breda was introduced: Intercity Direct. (Formerly known as Fyra). NS stands for Nederlandse Spoorwegen, a Dutch European railway company that operates on one of the busiest railway networks in the world. Their new Intercity Direct train offers travellers 20 minutes faster journey between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, compared to the regular Intercity train, and a lot faster than the sprinter trains. Travellers can go for the extra speedy ride by charging the supplement, which is less than 3 euros between Rotterdam and Amsterdam, directly on the platform, if they are in posession of an (anonymous) public transport chip card or a railway subscription card. I collaborated with Dutch design company Teldesign to create a series of instructions to communicate to travelers as clear as possible how this process works.

Instruction card explains travellers in 4 simple steps how to charge their supplement for Intercity Direct trains. Illustrations by Leon Mussche. Art-Direction by Teldesign.

Instruction card explains travellers in 4 simple steps how to charge their supplement for Intercity Direct trains. Illustrations by Leon Mussche. Art-Direction by Teldesign.















Read More:

NS-Hispeed instructions for European travellers




Leon Mussche: Showcase December 2013 on illustrationcloud

December 10th, 2013

Article on Illustrationcloud weblog

leon mussche illustrationcloud showcase
















I had a chat with the guys of illustrationcloud, and am happy to announce I was featured illustrator for the month December.

‘Turning chaos into order seems to be what I do best’ says Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche.

That sounds like a blatant lie if you’d know me personally, but taking something complex and bringing it back to its bare essentials is what I try to achieve in my work. I think some of that has to do with my background. Being Dutch means being open, direct, clear and transparent at all times. I have an opinion and I want to hear yours. I think what you is see what you should get, and I think that is something I have in common with the clients and people I work for, and the message I try to visualise for them.

Read the rest of the article here.




Infographic: 7 ways to lower your energy bill

December 6th, 2013

Illustration for Nuon Vattenfall winter magazine

Infographic for Dutch clients of European energy provider Nuon Vattenfall magazine ‘Nuon Winter Guide.’

Ways to lower your energy bill


World War II diary design

November 28th, 2013

Design of a unique collection of handwritten second world war diaries.


world war 2 diaries book, maaike de lange, dim gerritse, leon mussche























Last summer I got the opportunity to collaborate on a unique project. World War II diaries 1940-1945 (or in it’s original Dutch title ‘Dagboeken uit de oorlogsjaren 1940-1945) is a collection of handwritten books from the second world war. Written by Han Gerritse, owner of hardware store chain in the Netherlands Gerritse. The books were collected by his son Dim Gerritse, and contain newspaper clippings, illustrations, maps, photo’s and other visual material from those days. ‘My father was 13 years old when the war broke out, the book describes the world wide battleground, as well as every day life in a captivating way, through the eyes of a young boy.’ Maaike de Lange was responsible for the linguistic part (and endless patience): ‘I have tried to keep the (old) spelling and interpunction as close to the original as possible.’ Leon Mussche was responsible for the graphic design of the book. ‘Form follows function here, and I chose a sober and simple design. But the expression of the handwriting plays an important part in the design of the book.’

This book will be the first product that can be ordered though my new online webshop offLeon.com and is available as of now. The book is written in Dutch, but is shipped to Dutch speakers in Europe, the United States and Canada as well.



Instructions for European rail company NS-Hispeed

November 26th, 2013

Infographics guide European NS-Hispeed rail travellers to the exit

In the Netherlands, the public transport chip card has become commonplace. One card will get you into all trains, buses and other means of public transport. Europeans travelling by railway into the Netherlands, from Brussels, Paris, Berlin or beyond, do not have such a card. They travel to Amsterdam, Rotterdam or other Dutch cities, using either a paper ticket, a homeprint- or an on-screen smartphone ticket. For these travellers a special barcode has been designed that will be placed on all international tickets with a final destination to the Netherlands. I was commissioned by Dutch design company Teldesign (the creators of the original Dutch Railways NS identity in 1968) to create a series of infographics to guide these international travellers on their way out in a fast and efficient way. The instructions were made in colour and black and white and will appear on all NS-Hispeed EU tickets with a final destination in the Netherlands, as well as on keycards, that will be handed out in the train. Art Direction: Rob de Bree, Daan Hermelink, Teldesign.


After illustrating the Safety on Board cards for KLM a few years ago, I am very happy to once again show you where the exits are.


Read more:




The LCS For the love of illustration


Infographics for European Railway company NS-Hispeed. Infographics by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Teldesign.

Infographics for European Railway company NS-Hispeed. Infographics by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Teldesign.








paper NS-Hsipeed ticket Brussels Amsterdam with instruction infographic by Leon Mussche for Teldesign

Paper ticket Brussels-Amsterdam with instruction in black and white.



Hot of the press!

November 11th, 2013

Find me in creative industry sourcebook ‘Directory of illustration 30′

The brand new edition of illustration industry sourcebook ‘DIRECTORY OF ILLUSTRATION 30′ has just been printed. This book will be distributed to art-buyers and art-directors in advertising, design and publishing in the United States, and everywhere else too! Find me on page 575 (which is one of the first pages if you are in China).

Find the illustrations online at www.directoryofillustration.com/leonmussche

European illustrator Leon Mussche in Directory of illustration 30.