illustrating the invention of Europe

August 25th, 2014

New illustration published today

I illustrated The article ‘How the Americans have invented Europe,’ an editorial for ‘Elsevier Juist’ magazine in the Netherlands. illustration by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche                   leonmussche-juist-1leonmussche-juist-2


A clear visual identity with red wine and mustard

World Cup 2014 live drawings

July 5th, 2014

Live speed drawings made during World Cup 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014 live drawings by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Netherlands Argentina

World Cup Brazil 2014 live drawings by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Netherlands Argentina

World Cup Brazil 2014 live drawings by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Netherlands Argentina

World Cup Brazil 2014 live drawings by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Netherlands Argentina



Live speed drawings made during the quarter finals and half finals of the World Cup Brazil 2014. One drawing for every minute of the match trying to capture movement and register as much as possible in illustration, infographic and writing during The Netherlands Mexico and the Netherlands Costa Rica. Pencil and watercolour on Wenzhou paper roll. Next will be ‘the Netherlands -Argentina.’









June 28th, 2014

New illustrations for Elsevier Juist magazine

The Dutch are mostly Dutch-minded, illustration for an article by Syp Wynia about the Netherlands EU direction for Elsevier Juist magazine.



To spoil or not to spoil

June 28th, 2014

New illustration for Trots magazine

Illustration proposals by Leon Mussche about spoiling your (grand)children, by Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche for Trots magazine.

Candy supplied by Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje candy store, Jordaan, Amsterdam.





offLeon: Charles-Henri Kielen

June 28th, 2014

Rhine river ship license

Started work on a new project for offLeon, tentatively called Charles-Henri Kielen. Based on interviews with my remainin great aunts.  Shown below is the ship license from 1907 of my great-grandparents tug boat Vertrouwen (Trust). A commercial rhine river vessel which sailed between the Netherlands and Germany before, during and after both WWI and WWII and was held captive in Berlin with their children.

leon_mussche_charles-henri-Kielen_ship_license-'s gravenmoer_rotterdam_vertrouwen


Sustainable maintenance

June 28th, 2014

New green illustration by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche

Illustration for HEVO real estate and building company magazine, accompanying an article on sustainable maintenance.



Open Mind: new illustration on left-wing liberalism in the Netherlands

May 9th, 2014

The return of  liberalism

This illustration on the history and return of left-wing liberalism was made by Leon Mussche for the article ‘The Unstoppable return of open-mindedness’ written by Syp Wynia for opinion magazine Elsevier Juist in the Netherlands.

illustartion by Leon Mussche on left wing liberlalism and open-mindedness


Follow the Money: ‘Philantropy Fail’

May 5th, 2014

The hottest financial topic of today illustrated: ‘Unfresh philantropists.’

illustration by Leon Mussche for financial watchdog blog follow the money article by eric smit








Leon Mussche Illustrated a feature article for financial watchdog blog Follow the money (Just Keeping them honest). The story ‘Unfresh Philantropists’ (it sounds better in Dutch) written by Eric Smit, names and shames the board members of a Rotterdam harbour workers pension fund, that changed the destination of one billion euros.


Read the article here.



‘Democracy under construction’ illustration series

April 24th, 2014

Magazine illustrations for a political essay

Dutch illustrator Leon Mussche illustrated a three page article 'Democracy under construction for political opinion magazine Elsevier Juist.


‘Democracy under construction.’ Sequence of editorial illustrations by for an Elsevier Juist political essay, printed over three pages. Out today!


New mobile icons for KLM airlines are a lot more liberal

April 16th, 2014

Amsterdam designer Leon Mussche has made new icons for KLM safety cards mobile devices


























Times change and so do the mobile devices we bring on board of our plane. I was commissioned to design a new set of icons for the KLM safety on board card, which is in use as of now! As you can see they are a lot more liberal, and there are no red crosses this time. Switching off your device is now no longer obligatory, switching to airplane mode or disabling wifi is sufficient these days.

While mobile devices look much more alike these days, I aimed to bring back the devices back to their essentials and incorporate subtle elements from different brands, so that everyone can immediately identify with them. Regardsless of which brand of smartphone, iPad, e-book reader, laptop or portable DVD-player they bring. Have a good flight.

Icon design by Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Sylwia Strugala / KLM


‘Social Criticism’ illustrations for Elsevier Juist

April 8th, 2014

Editorial illustration for opinion magazine Elsevier Juist, accompanying the article ‘Populism was once social critisism’ by Syp Wynia, illustration by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche. Art-direction by Anne Lugthart.


'What populism is now, was once social critisism.' Illustration sequence by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche accompanying an article by Syp Wynia for Elsevier Juist magazine. Art-direction Anne Lugthart.






'Social Critisism' editorial illustrations by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche for Elsevier Juist magazine.

‘Social Critisism’ editorial illustrations by Amsterdam illustrator Leon Mussche for Elsevier Juist magazine.


Illustration draft: democracy under construction now available as stock

April 1st, 2014

New illustration leftovers

leon mussche illustration illustrator amsterdam dutch democracy







Another one on voting and elections. These two half-page illustrations were made as drafts for an article on democracy for a Dutch opinion magazine. These drafts were rejected, after which an alternative concept was chosen that will be published next month. Because I believe leftovers should be put to good use when possible, I am making this as yet unpublished image, or images, exclusively available as stock illustration, at a much lower price of course. Contact me if you are interested. First come first served.


Don’t forget to vote!

March 19th, 2014

Local elections in the Netherlands today

(illustration commissioned by Elsevier Juist magazine in 2013)

illustration amsterdam illustrator leon mussche local election vote voting amsterdam


Colour your technology: Computable

February 4th, 2014

Infographics for computer technology magazine Computable


SAP, SOA, ERP, Wan or XBRL…. I know all the ins and outs! Computable, which was first published in 1968, is the Netherlands leading website and magazine on information technology for ICT industry professionals. It has some difficult words though, they even publish the Computable dictionary, for rookies like me. I have been contributing infographics visualising this fascinating world for many years and have learned a lot! Look out for new infographics accompanying Computable editor Rik Sanders articles every month. These are the latest three that were published.


infographics for computable internet technoly magazine by Leon Mussche

infographics for Computable internet technoly magazine by Leon Mussche, art-direction by Rik Sanders, Computable.